Visiting a JP at their home or work

  • Phone or text the Justice to book an appointment.
  • Explain what you need – some documents can take more time than you expect.

Visiting a JP at a Service Centre

  • No appointment is needed
  • Be prepared to wait if there’s a queue

Service Centres are usually very busy. If you have a lot of documents, we recommend you make an individual appointment with a Justice. In fairness to everyone, we regard 10 documents as a reasonable limit at a service desk.


  • Take some form of photo ID, in case it is needed.
  • If you require certified copies, take the original documents as well as the copies
  • Sort out your documents before you arrive, with originals and copies in separate piles in the same order.
  • Bring any instructions you’ve been given.
  • If any of your documents are online (such as email attachments) bring a device, so the Justice can see the electronic original before processing the paper copy.
  • Do not sign any of your documents before you meet the Justice.
  • If your documents are from another country, check that a New Zealand Justice of the Peace can complete them for you.

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